2022 Spring Teaching Series


Many Christians are uncertain about how to engage cultural issues related to the nature of humanity. Our unique approach teaches this topic through a wide-angle lens which includes the bible, theology, philosophy, apologetics, science, and culture. We aim to deepen your trust in the truth claims of Christianity so you are able to confidently participate in cultural conversations.
6 Live (In-Person & Online) Teaching Sessions:

Image of God, LGBTQ, Artificial Intelligence, Marxism, Gender, & Origins

Starting Jan 8, 2022 @ 10:00am EDT/EST

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Who We Are

We are credentialed apologists, philosophers, and theologians who have devoted our lives to teaching the trustworthy claims of Christianity.

Why We Do This

For You. We’ve had many questions from people like you wanting to know if what they’re listening to and reading is true. In a culture of pop-teachers and influencers, you may be bingeing on a diet of spiritual fluff without realizing it. We believe the Holy Spirit is calling us to guide you to go ‘beyond the basics’ to fortify your faith in God and strengthen your discernment in your daily walk. In other words, help you eat steak, not cake!

What You Can Expect

You will receive accessible and relatable teaching, across a spectrum of foundational topics, to help you dig deeper and apply truth to every aspect of your life.

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The Nature of Humanity: What is a Human?

We will start off by answering "What is a human?" through a theological lens. What does the Bible say about humanity? What does it mean to be an image-bearer? We will talk about God's creation of man, sonship, body and soul, human dignity, and the majesty of the Incarnation on fallen man's behalf. As you can see, this topic touches on every major doctrine. And we're just getting started! Don't miss this session! It will establish an important foundation as each session builds a pathway to your understanding of Truth and your confidence in answering some of life's most important questions.


Human Sexuality: How Can Christians Respond to Sexually Divergent Behavior?

Comprehending the human mind is the beginning of understanding not only the heart of God, but the intentions of a culture devoid of direction. How do we, as Christians approach the dilemmas that face us everyday in a sexually charged environment?

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Biblical & Scientific Insights into Human Sexuality and Gender: Why Gender Matters

This talk will serve to strengthen the case for male and female distinctive and will cover the sociological, scientific (embryological and genetic), and biblical evidence for male and female gender distinctions and commonalities.


Options for Human Origins: How Does your View of Human Origins Impact your Understanding of Human Uniqueness as Affirmed by Christianity?

Christianity affirms that God created the human being as a unique kind of being, one that bears His image. The question is whether each of the major human origins views commonly held by Christians—young earth creationism, old earth creationism, and theistic evolution—preserves this human uniqueness. If not, what are the implications for the Christian who holds such a view?

Marxism: What's the Big Deal?

Not content to remain a cautionary tale from the pages of history, Marxism is making a comeback under new management. Are all political systems created equal? And more importantly, are they all compatible with Christian principles?

AI: What Makes Humans Distinct from Robots?

Is our brain a computer and our mind software? Will robots one day have souls? Will we one day be able to be uploaded to a super computer? These questions and more stem from a very specific view of the nature of the human intellect. Join me for an exploration of what it means to be a rational being to determine whether there are extra-biblical grounds for believing that humanity is indeed unique and irreplicable.

Art as the Signature of Man: What can we learn at the Intersection of Aesthetics and Human Nature?

In a world where bananas duct taped to walls and “invisible” sculptures sell for thousands of dollars, is there anything art can teach us about what it means to be human? In what ways might art help us understand what it means to be made in God’s image? In this lesson we will consider the ways in which human nature and the arts intersect.

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January 8th ~ February 5th ~ March 5th

April 2nd ~ April 30th ~ May 21st ~ June 18th 

10:00am - 11:30am EDT/EST

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What You Get

6 Live (In-Person & Online) Teaching Sessions


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